Blockchain is transforming our markets, ecosystems, and way of doing business. No other technology currently stands more for “Rapid Change.”


Why Blockchain?

In our daily work with innovators, entrepreneurs and decision-makers we face recurring questions around the topic of blockchain. The most frequent question asked is: “Why blockchain?” We decided to answer this and other questions in this book. Blockchain allows us to create systems that securely automate an end-to-end digital experience.

Crypto Valley

The corridor we live in, between Zurich and Zug, is known as “Crypto Valley.” The region owes its name to the countless companies that have established here in recent years to jointly design new business ecosystems, launch tokens and develop blockchain applications. In this book, we give a snapshot of what is currently happening in Crypto Valley.

Speed & agility

This crypto cosmos is spinning very fast. Every day we hear about new disruptive opportunities to strip intermediaries of their market power and growth areas to be exploited with blockchain as a key technology. It seems like everyone wants to be a “blockchain hero.” But many people in this industry just want to make the world a little better, transform inefficient systems or create a new user experience in a digitalized world.

Trustworthy systems

The new digital systems are based on this new technology that does nothing more than establish certainty by creating a system in which there is no tampering or misunderstanding. These factors are crucial for our property rights, personal data, and other things we hold dear. Blockchain offers the ability to delegate tasks to a shared, reliable, and highly available decentralized network of computers.