“Why Blockchain?” is one of the most frequently asked questions. These and many other questions are answered simply and understandably in “Live from Crypto Valley.”


The digital (r)evolution

We aim to answer many of the questions on the subject of blockchain in the simplest possible way. Why Blockchain? Which problem does it solve? What is the impact of blockchain on the way we do business? and many more.

The new ecosystems & value streams

The design of a business ecosystem is crucial to the success of blockchain applications. The third chapter of the book is dedicated to answering the key questions around success factors, network effects, and digital value streams.

Everything Crypto

In the second chapter, we examine the term “crypto” in more detail. Where does it come from? What are digital assets? How does the “Internet of Values” work? We also explain Smart Contracts and some of their possible application.

Token-based business models

The last chapter deals with the different types of tokens and their use. In addition, we highlight token events, such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and the current regulatory challenges.