The canvases presented in the book help us to iteratively develop the project idea and the targeted business ecosystem and share it with team members and colleagues. They can also be used to make joint development with the actors in the ecosystem transparent.


Business Ecosystem Design

This canvas supports the development of a business ecosystem. Many blockchain projects operate in “data communities” in which peer-to-peer transactions enable new opportunities for value flows and business models.

Blockchain Assessment Framework

This framework integrates the “Business Ecosystem Design Canvas” in the center of the considerations and expands with relevant questions for the assessment of a blockchain project. It also addresses the key questions relating to Initial Coin Offering (ICO), should this be a defined objective of the project.

The handling of the two canvas is straightforward: We note down the outcomes of the questions, each in the appropriate fields. The numbering serves as a proposal for compilation. The best way to work on the canvas with the team is by printing them large format. In addition to the printout, we only need Post-its and sharpies. And then we are all set.