The Book

“Why Blockchain” is one of the most frequently asked questions. This book gives an answer to this and many other questions about blockchain: simply and understandably.


The book offers:

  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions about blockchain and crypto.
  • Six different perspectives on the subject with information for startups, investors and well-established enterprises.
  • Simple explanations and visualizations of complex concepts.
  • Proven methods for the design of business ecosystems and the assessment of blockchain projects.


Blockchain is transforming our markets, ecosystems, and way of doing business. No other technology currently stands more for “Rapid Change.”


Why Blockchain?

In our daily work with innovators, entrepreneurs and decision-makers we face recurring questions around the topic of blockchain. The most frequent question asked is: “Why blockchain?” We decided to answer this and other questions in this book. Blockchain allows us to create systems that securely automate an end-to-end digital experience.

Crypto Valley

The corridor we live in, between Zurich and Zug, is known as “Crypto Valley.” The region owes its name to the countless companies that have established here in recent years to jointly design new business ecosystems, launch tokens and develop blockchain applications. In this book, we give a snapshot of what is currently happening in Crypto Valley.

Speed & agility

This crypto cosmos is spinning very fast. Every day we hear about new disruptive opportunities to strip intermediaries of their market power and growth areas to be exploited with blockchain as a key technology. It seems like everyone wants to be a “blockchain hero.” But many people in this industry just want to make the world a little better, transform inefficient systems or create a new user experience in a digitalized world.

Trustworthy systems

The new digital systems are based on this new technology that does nothing more than establish certainty by creating a system in which there is no tampering or misunderstanding. These factors are crucial for our property rights, personal data, and other things we hold dear. Blockchain offers the ability to delegate tasks to a shared, reliable, and highly available decentralized network of computers.


The book takes six perspectives in giving answers to pressing questions for well-established enterprises, start-ups, investors, consultants, etc.

  • What types of tokens exist?
  • What is the intrinsic value of a cryptocurrency?
  • Which rights does a token represent?
  • What are the risks to be considered?
  • What is a cryptocurrency?
  • Is an ICO the right financing instrument for my project?
  • What has to be considered from a legal perspective?
  • What does the term Token-Economics mean?
  • What is the process for an ICO?
Software Developer
  • What are Smart Contracts?
  • How do I translate business requirements into blockchain applications?
  • Which blockchain platforms are available?
  • What aspects of blockchain projects should be evaluated?
  • How do I design a business ecosystem?
  • How do I assess a blockchain project?
  • What are the most frequently asked questions?
Decision maker in the enterprise
  • Why blockchain?
  • For which applications is the blockchain most suitable?
  • What are the possible applications in my industry?
  • How are business models and market roles evolving?
  • What are the new requirements in the crypto world?
  • Are the existing regulations sufficient?
  • How do the new ecosystems and value streams work?


“Why Blockchain?” is one of the most frequently asked questions. These and many other questions are answered simply and understandably in “Live from Crypto Valley.”


The digital (r)evolution

We aim to answer many of the questions on the subject of blockchain in the simplest possible way. Why Blockchain? Which problem does it solve? What is the impact of blockchain on the way we do business? and many more.

The new ecosystems & value streams

The design of a business ecosystem is crucial to the success of blockchain applications. The third chapter of the book is dedicated to answering the key questions around success factors, network effects, and digital value streams.

Everything Crypto

In the second chapter, we examine the term “crypto” in more detail. Where does it come from? What are digital assets? How does the “Internet of Values” work? We also explain Smart Contracts and some of their possible application.

Token-based business models

The last chapter deals with the different types of tokens and their use. In addition, we highlight token events, such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and the current regulatory challenges.


The authors have extensive experience with new technologies, digital transformation and the design of disruptive business ecosystems.


 linkedin icon Michael Lewrick

michael lewrick book author

Michael has had various roles in recent years. He served as Chief Innovation Officer and laid the foundation for several growth initiatives in industries undergoing digital transformation. In recent years, he has intensively worked on the design of business ecosystems, especially in connection with blockchain as an enabling technology. He has supported various start-ups and international companies design new business ecosystems and implement disruptive innovations. He is, among others, the co-author of the international bestseller “The Design Thinking Playbook”.

  linkedin icon Christian Di Giorgio

christian di giorgio book author

Christian has a special talent: he translates business requirements into digital solutions. With degrees in computer science and business administration, he knows both worlds and over the last two decades, he has developed systems to meet complex IT challenges. He has worked for IBM and Swisscom before joining Inacta as a blockchain consultant for large corporations and start-ups in Crypto Valley. Customers value Christian’s IT expertise and experience, especially in the challenges of integrating blockchain applications into existing IT landscapes.

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